Hey, White people…..Are you guilty of Microaggression…I bet you are and not even aware of it.

Ladies….Have you clutched your bag a little tighter when a black guy is near you???? Guys, Have you crossed a street cause you don’t want to be on “that” side of the street ???

As a white male, who has been on this rock for 50+ years, I must admit that I have been guilty of these microaggressions, Have been and upon self exam, I continue to be. I Pledge to do a better Job…

What is a microaggression you ask….MicroAggression


The hippy and I are in the middle of buying the next casa…ya us!!!

How about this for some crazy horseshit !!!!!

The hippy and I are in year 13 of this experiment…btw…It is going VERY well!!!!     A banker type human just requested from her, the paperwork supporting her birth, a marriage certificate to a mistake, the divorce paperwork from said mistake AND our marriage cert. #WTF

After 13 years of us NOT living in sin WHY the FUCK would she need to prove the lineage of her name ?


At the Pool

As seen by the pool. #acad #critters #onehumanfamily

So far so Good, pt 2

This part was written around 4.1.2020

As we enter week 1 of the official “ stay home-stay safe” order from the governor of the sunshine state, the hippy and I are actually entering week 4, as we chose to isolate weeks ago. We are counting 3.5.2020 as our day 1 of self isolation. The night before, we were spotted at a local eatery, followed by 90-ish minutes at an empty pool hall. Yes, there have been some carefully planned trips out, but only to restock our food supplies.

Rewinding 2 weeks prior, we did have a little excitement, as we sold our last rental property in PA. It was a quick process, only taking 19 months. The good news is that the hippy and I came through the sale and we’re still together. To any couples who own rental property in a state they do not live in, my advise, SELL it NOW, your marriage will thank you later.

With in the last 4 weeks, life has been most interesting at mi casa. Due to a small water leak in a shower, we were forced to rip out a shower, all the way to the down, including the pan and, as a result, we needed to remove an engineered wood floor in the bedroom next to the shower. A new pan was poured, shopping for tile and the hiring of a tile guy has taken place. Victor, the guy, was amazing. He and a worker, tiled a shower and bedroom floor in 2.5 days. Done. As this was our 2nd bathroom and 3rd bedroom, it wasn’t really a priority, until we heard that, if we tried to sell the house, someone with FHA financing couldn’t buy it, having an unfinished shower.

Today is 6.17.2020

As mentioned, mi casa sold in 2 days, no sign on the lawn, for the asking price with no conditions..closed in 45 days..

The Hippy and I are settled in Naples Florida. We have been here 6 weeks or so…A nice place with a Great salt water pool and a privacy fence..what could be bad….As the place we are in is a rental, we knew that it wasn’t gonna be permanent..Seeing how most of the world is shut down, the answer was gonna be staying in Florida for a bit…Not getting into a flying incubator to look anywhere else around the world.. .. Skip ahead, Past the part of us spending ENDLESS hours on line looking at crime stats, neighborhoods, houses and Flood Zones, after all, we still live in Florida.

We found a “fixer upper” that we believe we can afford to buy AND fix up…He said hopefully…There is a Big room at the rear of the house, overlooking the creek. As we walked the empty house, we noticed a low hanging light. The kind of light that could go  over a large dining table OR a Pool table…hence the pool stick rack on the wall…..

More to follow….thanks for reading….I love you all…Please remember that we are all ONE HUMAN FAMILY…


So far so good

Yesterday 5.2, a memory popped up from 5 years ago. It was me talking about moving from Abington PA to Hollywood FL in search of a slower pace than the philly area offered. While we did find sunshine almost year round, it was overshadowed by Lots of sirens, racing cars and motorcycles around the clock, very bad pet owners, neighbors with no sense of community or respect for others and a general lack of caring by local city officials. These were some of the contributing factors that lead us to move. Since late 2019, the hippy and I planned a move to St Thomas USVI, seeking a laid back lifestyle. We had it all planned out, downsize our lives to fit into a 20’ container, ship it to the island and join our stuff there. For those of you who know, we were heading to St Thomas USVI, seeking that laid back feel, but alas, a small island with out a major health care system, during a pandemic seems like it could be problematic. Even with the pandemic, our Florida house sold 2 days after the listing went live, for the full asking price, with a short settlement date. ( editors note…..it was a super happy, friendly kinda place. There were 2 other similar sized and priced houses for sale, on our block, for months before we put ours up.) It was time to go. The irony is that last night, we slept in Naples FL, the first of many nights. The hippy and I have relocated to the west coast of Florida, Naples, at least for now…..We rented a house while we shop around to look for a fixer upper somewhere on the west coast of Florida, cause paying rent sux, I would rather use the same money to pay a mortgage. While we enjoyed our time in Hollywood, it lacked the laid back vibe we seek. As we had lived in Hollywood since the beginning of this pandemic, the hippy, already a generally speaking home body, stayed home. She works from home on the internets, and has a few old underlining medical issues, so no reason to go out and risk getting exposed. She is somewhere around day 50. I have made the needed runs out, sparingly. Every time I have gone out in the last 50-ish days I have had my face covered, with a bandana. Think, old time train robbers. In Broward county Florida, it is mandatory that if you walk into ANY public place, you MUST have your face covered. I get it, to help “flatten the curve”. Broward, Dade and Palm counties make up almost 1/2 of the states positive cases. As I mentioned, last night was our first night here in Naples. Moving day was tough and long. We were moving from sunup to way past sun down. Sat outside late and heard NO loud obnoxious sounds…hmmmm this is a good start. Got up Sunday am, sat outside with a cup of coffee and again, NO obnoxious sounds..WOW, a decent house, with a nice pool and no loud noises… the first day was starting off on an amazing foot. Due to a small packing mishap, we lost a few small things from the fridge. No big deal, I’ll pop over to the local market place. Small list and mask in hand, I trod off to find a cup of coffee and the Publix. Stop 1, the very local 7-11, where I sit in the parking lot, finishing a smoke, watching the comings and goings, only to see, not one person wearing a mask. Hmmmmmm, I still don my mask and head in to grab coffee, careful as always about what I touch. Next stop, a small Publix, where most people had masks on I started this on 5.2 and today is the 9th. Overall, it has been a very quite week. A small side story, in a previous life, wifey and I played “ What is Sammy watching?” A bedroom widow faced a neighbors window. Sometimes you could see in, kinda…a new next door neighbor is a little deaf, so we have heard her tv in the early evening a couple of times this week. Then we try to figure out what she’s watching ….

A final though…our decision to stay in Florida right now only happened 5 weeks ago…the night the decision was made, my first thought was geee….I hope Naples has a better class of rednecks that Hollywood has ??? So far so good

A Rant and a confession

We moved to so flo about 4 years ago. A factor in the decision was the large amounts of snow that needed to be moved, to avoid a fine from the little hamlet we lived in, in PA. Most towns in “snowy areas” have some kind of ordnances, about keeping sidewalks clear of snow and it must be done with in 24 hours of the last flake falling. This is not too bad when you get 4-5 inches of snow, a few times during the snow season. It becomes an issue when you get several 6 plus inches of snow, back to back and the result is 30-40 inches of snow piled up on the lawn, just off the sidewalk. For some 50ish years, I dealt with it, moving snow from here to there. It became an easy decision to move to a place with out any snow. It even became a joke when I would read comments from friends still trapped in snow zones. They bitched about having to shovel snow, I “sympathized” with them and spoke about all the sand I had to sweep off the porch…..and we all had a good laugh.

Today, after returning from my morning run to see a bud and grab a cup of coffee, I pulled into my driveway and looked in the street at the near dead, 30″ iguana. As he lay dying, I couldn’t leave him in the street to get hit again, so I gently moved him to the grass. While discussing with the hippy what to do with him, Ie…take him to the wildlife center, he passed.

We, the hippy and I are heavily involved in animal rescue. It doesn’t matter what the animal, if humanly possible, we help . From fostering to driving cats all over the freaking place and even attempting to re-locate a momma duck and 2 kids from a busy supermarket, we TRY to be of service. With this said, it is always heartbreaking when you can’t help. Today, I couldn’t help ☹️

Later, the same day, while running around, we got stuck in some kind of accident scene. As we passed, it appeared a human made a right turn onto some train tracks. The scene was littered with emergency equipment. It appears some human might have been struck by a train.

My confession : I felt considerably more empathy for the iguana than I do for the human.

The critters in my neighborhood

Meet Linda

When I married the hippy, she had 4 cats and was living in LA…the decision was made that she and the 4 cats would move east…so how do you move 4 cats 3000 miles? Do you drive them, fedex them, fax them ?..Nope, you put them on a plane…I will spare you the details involved in shipping 4 cats east, suffice to say, they can only fly 2 at a time. The 4 furry kids finally arrive safe and sound and life goes on. Over the next few years, 2 additional little furry kids were added the mix.

Over the next few years, the 6,through natural causes ended up being 2, and that’s where we are today…2 furry kids. 1 big ass cat, weighing in at 18+ lbs….the second cat is a little bitty thing coming in at about 6 lbs, fully grown. As cats go, they are 2 pretty good kids.

Over the last few years, the hippy and I have been involved in animal rescue, from fostering cats to acting as a cat uber driver, among many other animal related activities. As a result, we spend a bunch of time in the Broward Animal Care unit.

Through several conversations with the amazing staff there, we found out that most dogs turned in or picked up, that are over a certain age, don’t get offered for foster or adoption. The very worst happens after a week or so. The thought makes me sick…..

We found out that they were holding a 12yo pup, who had just been turned in and her future didn’t look bright.

I had dogs as a kid, but not in 30ish years….so after talking with the hippy, the decision was made….meet Linda. She is a 12yo hound, and after some research, we believe her to be a coonhound. She is a Great dog, friendly to everyone and every pup she meets. I take her to a dog park and she loves it, she also loves car rides….today, we took her to the beach and she had an amazing time.

Here is the only issue…she gets along with the big ass cat..they seem to have a mutual understanding and can exist in the same space. The problem is the 6lb cat….every time they are in the same room, the little cat becomes Godzilla….up on her hind legs, front paws spread wide and claws out……

How can you not love this face……

Please be kind

My usual bedtime is around 2am with a wake up time by 9am or earlier. I took a little work from a friend..with a start time of 9, so for the last few days my alarm clock was set for 8am Sunday night I was a little tired and crashed at about 1am…something got me up at 2, besides the need to pee ….. usually followed by me going right back to sleep. Not this night….I was Up….with wifey sleeping, I went into the living room and checked my phone ……8 milliseconds later I had the talking heads on with live reports ……I stayed with this till 430 or so and slept for a few hours

Up and out to work and this is what I saw……

I offer condolences to all effected by this…..I offer condolences to all of us for the state of this world.

How can this kind of thing continue to happen ?

Please be kind to each other


Fall has come to the US…the changing of colors, a nip will soon be in the air…as I watch news here in So Flo, the talking heads mention fall with the following line….Hey, today is the first day of fall, know what that means to us here in South Florida? NOTHING

SV fayaway

“If you want things to be like at home, then stay at home.“― Jimmy Cornell


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