A Rant and a confession

We moved to so flo about 4 years ago. A factor in the decision was the large amounts of snow that needed to be moved, to avoid a fine from the little hamlet we lived in, in PA. Most towns in “snowy areas” have some kind of ordnances, about keeping sidewalks clear of snow and it must be done with in 24 hours of the last flake falling. This is not too bad when you get 4-5 inches of snow, a few times during the snow season. It becomes an issue when you get several 6 plus inches of snow, back to back and the result is 30-40 inches of snow piled up on the lawn, just off the sidewalk. For some 50ish years, I dealt with it, moving snow from here to there. It became an easy decision to move to a place with out any snow. It even became a joke when I would read comments from friends still trapped in snow zones. They bitched about having to shovel snow, I “sympathized” with them and spoke about all the sand I had to sweep off the porch…..and we all had a good laugh.

Today, after returning from my morning run to see a bud and grab a cup of coffee, I pulled into my driveway and looked in the street at the near dead, 30″ iguana. As he lay dying, I couldn’t leave him in the street to get hit again, so I gently moved him to the grass. While discussing with the hippy what to do with him, Ie…take him to the wildlife center, he passed. I checked my security camera and see that a heartless neighbor hit the poor fellow and they never stopped. #dickhead

We, the hippy and I are heavily involved in animal rescue. It doesn’t matter what the animal, if humanly possible, we help . From fostering to driving cats all over the freaking place and even attempting to re-locate a momma duck and 2 kids from a busy supermarket, we TRY to be of service. With this said, it is always heartbreaking when you can’t help. Today, I couldn’t help ☹️

Later, the same day, while running around, we got stuck in some kind of accident scene. As we passed, it appeared a human made a right turn onto some train tracks. The scene was littered with emergency equipment. It appears some human might have been struck by a train.

My confession : I felt considerably more empathy for the iguana than I do for the human.

The critters in my neighborhood

Meet Linda

When I married the hippy, she had 4 cats and was living in LA…the decision was made that she and the 4 cats would move east…so how do you move 4 cats 3000 miles? Do you drive them, fedex them, fax them ?..Nope, you put them on a plane…I will spare you the details involved in shipping 4 cats east, suffice to say, they can only fly 2 at a time. The 4 furry kids finally arrive safe and sound and life goes on. Over the next few years, 2 additional little furry kids were added the mix.

Over the next few years, the 6,through natural causes ended up being 2, and that’s where we are today…2 furry kids. 1 big ass cat, weighing in at 18+ lbs….the second cat is a little bitty thing coming in at about 6 lbs, fully grown. As cats go, they are 2 pretty good kids.

Over the last few years, the hippy and I have been involved in animal rescue, from fostering cats to acting as a cat uber driver, among many other animal related activities. As a result, we spend a bunch of time in the Broward Animal Care unit.

Through several conversations with the amazing staff there, we found out that most dogs turned in or picked up, that are over a certain age, don’t get offered for foster or adoption. The very worst happens after a week or so. The thought makes me sick…..

We found out that they were holding a 12yo pup, who had just been turned in and her future didn’t look bright.

I had dogs as a kid, but not in 30ish years….so after talking with the hippy, the decision was made….meet Linda. She is a 12yo hound, and after some research, we believe her to be a coonhound. She is a Great dog, friendly to everyone and every pup she meets. I take her to a dog park and she loves it, she also loves car rides….today, we took her to the beach and she had an amazing time.

Here is the only issue…she gets along with the big ass cat..they seem to have a mutual understanding and can exist in the same space. The problem is the 6lb cat….every time they are in the same room, the little cat becomes Godzilla….up on her hind legs, front paws spread wide and claws out……

How can you not love this face……

Please be kind

My usual bedtime is around 2am with a wake up time by 9am or earlier. I took a little work from a friend..with a start time of 9, so for the last few days my alarm clock was set for 8am Sunday night I was a little tired and crashed at about 1am…something got me up at 2, besides the need to pee ….. usually followed by me going right back to sleep. Not this night….I was Up….with wifey sleeping, I went into the living room and checked my phone ……8 milliseconds later I had the talking heads on with live reports ……I stayed with this till 430 or so and slept for a few hours

Up and out to work and this is what I saw……

I offer condolences to all effected by this…..I offer condolences to all of us for the state of this world.

How can this kind of thing continue to happen ?

Please be kind to each other


Fall has come to the US…the changing of colors, a nip will soon be in the air…as I watch news here in So Flo, the talking heads mention fall with the following line….Hey, today is the first day of fall, know what that means to us here in South Florida? NOTHING


I used to live in Philly…6 or more months out of the year it is cold, or worse….

Once upon a time, I bought a Hawaiian type shirt…took it on a vacation to some place very hot and wore it….at home, it got washed and hung up..it got pulled out once in a while when the weather was warm enough, sometimes, going many years between uses….

I moved to So Flo. The weather here is amazing…amazingly Hot…all the time…..it gets “cold” here for like 2 weeks a year…

One of the things I have found in this state are an abundance of thrift stores and having some free time, I find myself wandering in and out of them. They have become a great source of finding Hawaiian type shirts at very reasonable prices. As a result, I am now the proud owner of a few Hawaiian type shirts. I now find that I am wearing one most every day that i am not working in my shed.

Most days, I will just say to the hippy, hey pick a shirt ….and I go with it. Roughly speaking, I could go a couple of weeks with out wearing the same shirt..

I had a special visitor this past weekend, my daughter flew down…..needed some r&r …

In the course of rolling out for the day, I asked DU to pick out a shirt for me…I slid the curtain of the closet open and her response was ” Wow, dad, you have an Aggressive amount of Hawaiian shirts”

Hence the smell…..

We finally arrived home Sunday night…the power was on and the AC blowing cold….our stay at a friends place was a god send but there is nothing like being home.

With no power in mi casa and staying 9 miles away, I was here several times throughout the week to check on things and pick up the odd things we needed to live. I awoke at the crack of dawn, Friday morning to come here and dump everything in my fridge….1 week with out power will force you to do things like that……In preparation for the storm, we filled a bunch of go cups and stuck them in the fridge…still unsure why but being the good sheep we are, we did…

With the help of a borrowed breathing respirator, I emptied the contents of our fridge and freezers…ed note, it was Nasty …. behind the several go cups filled with warm water, was a box of JR mints …man they got nasty…..hence the smell….

With the power back and the fridge getting cleaned several times, we have started to re-populate the fridge

Day 6

I now live in the southern part of Florida, after living in the Philly area all my life. In the middle Atlantic states, there is a convenience store chain called WAWA. The chain’s name comes from the site of the company’s first milk plant and corporate headquarters in the Wawa, Pennsylvania area. The name of the town Wawa is in turn derived from the Ojibwe word for the Canada goose (taken from The Song of Hiawatha).* source Wikipedia.

I was a very loyal Wawa customer when I lived in the Philly market. Can you imagine how thrilled I was when they announced a new store 2.4 miles from mi casa. Funny side note, the store had their grand opening on the same day is the Hippies 50th birthday. We knew this like a week before the opening and I asked the hippy to move her birthday back a few days so we could celebrate it on vaca. ( different story )

So this store opened a few weeks back and I have come close to being in there every day. They feature fresh made foods, Amazing coffee, snacks,drinks, gas and the ever popular More. They are a 24/7 business.

I was in this store as late as Saturday morning and it started to get very ugly here by 2/3 that afternoon. For the sake of their employees, they closed at some point sat. afternoon….stayed closed Sunday , when the storm was at its worse. By Monday around noon, I was finally able to drive out and see what happened, and try to get my wawa coffee. I got to the store to find the had no thing fresh and no coffee, but gas…they told me there was a “boil water” order in effect and couldn’t use the water for cooking or coffee, but they had gas, something most places didn’t. Tuesday, same thing…

Our place lost power 730 Sunday am by Tuesday night it was 90 ish in the casa and unbearable….A life saving angel came to our rescue and took us in, with power and AC When the call came in tue night, we packed the rodents and split ( rodents is a reference to her cats ). I was up at the crack of dawn wed am and was heading to mi casa to pick up essentials we might need for the next 24 hours, as I figured we would only be with out power 1 more day…..btw ….its day 6

As I was passing wawa, I saw customers with coffee cups…..in I go only to find out the company had potable water trucked in to use in cooking and coffee…..I have been there every day since


Here it is Thursday, 9.14.17, around 3pm…A hurricane came through our neighborhood over the weekend. It was bad with many trees down and many lives lost..way too many.

Mi casa came through with flying colors….no structural damage and no water leaks. We lost a couple of cactus which was no great loss…1 or 2 of the citrus trees sustained some damage so, the landscaping looks a little different….not the worse thing in the world…oh ya, the hippy and her furry friends are also fine..Prayers out to those people who didn’t fare so well…..

Sooooo Here we sit, looking out at the beautiful pool in very nice AC….oh, did I forgot to mention, while the house is structurally sound, we still have no power….a very good friend took pity on us and opened her air conditioned house to us and the furry rug rats……

The picture below represents her “security” to help keep rocky raccoon from shitting in the pool………

and then this

Sat, 7:45pm….some heavy bands of wind and rain have been passing through for the last few hours…..Tornado warnings permeate the tv for the last 90 min…..and then this……a small tree into a neighbors power line…and we waitIMG_1001


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